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How to Tell if Your Firm Could Benefit From a Technology Upgrade

Working for a Big Bank vs. An Independent Broker-Dealer

Choosing a career trajectory in the finance world? Dive into the distinct advantages of joining a powerhouse bank versus venturing independently as an Independent Broker Dealer.

EAI eBook: Managing Uncertainty: In the Face of Uncertainty, Agility Wins

Uncertainty demands preparation and flexibility. Be ready for anything in this volatile climate. Ensure your Compliance and Commissions, and Data compilation and aggregation tools can turn on a dime.

5 Ways Data Aggregation Can Reduce Company Risk

Discovery how the data your firm already has, can be used to protect it from regulatory risk.

Compliance: From Burden to Strategic Asset

New regulations are expensive in terms of compliance, as companies need to transform data tracking and gathering systems, reporting functions and, in some cases, their organizational structures.

EAI Information Systems Welcomes McNally Financial Services Corp

EAI Information Systems provides its full suite of compensation, compliance, and reporting tools to an independent broker dealer with big plans for growth.

How Automation Technology Can Prepare Independent Brokers for Growth

Learn how growth minded Broker Dealers are using technology automate the growth of their business.

The Four Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

Find out four effective ways to keep you cop

Supercharge Rep Morale & Retention: Unlocking the Power of Commission Management Software

Commission plans are one of the most vital and defining characteristics of a successful investment program. It can be the difference between attracting top performers to your organization and keeping the lights on. Which is why having a tools that allow you to bring creative and competitive commission plans to life are such an asset. In this article we'll get into the ways a great commission application can bring out the best in your reps.

4 Advisor Compensation Plans our clients Use to Incentive Reps and Drive Revenue

In an industry where the talent of your team is the key to success, it's crucial to understand the nuances of effective compensation strategies. This article sheds light on four distinct advisor compensation models currently driving revenue and attracting top talent in leading firms. Each model—from commission-based to fee-based, hybrid, and salary-based—is dissected, revealing the unique advantages, potential downsides, and regulatory implications. For those seeking to enhance their firm's performance, this exploration provides invaluable insights, guiding the optimization of compensation plans to support broader organizational goals.

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