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Our Mission

At EAI, our mission is to deliver integrated solutions that create a competitive advantage in customer service, marketing, management and operational efficiency. Our web-based technology supports front-line sales functions and back-office operations for the financial industry, giving your business the tools and integrated data it needs to be successful. Most importantly, we customize and scale our solutions to meet your specific needs.

For more than 20 years, EAI has been focused on this mission. Our experienced team individually works with each client to optimize their processes, streamlining every step — from sales to compliance.


From the start, EAI has been sensitive to the daily pressures of the retail investment world and its rapidly changing landscape. Matt Essieh, president and CEO, founded the company in 1989 to address the growing challenges facing financial institutions as they moved into selling annuities, mutual funds and insurance products. He saw a need for a simple, reliable infrastructure to help manage these new market opportunities.

Matt created a software system to help businesses convert a single transaction into an ongoing client relationship. EAI’s innovative approach soon emerged as the go-to source for both reliable performance and trend data to boost business.

Over the next few years, EAI’s technology quickly became known in the industry as the one-stop solution for tracking sales, referrals and commissions, as well as handling compliance and positions reporting. The value of this integration became even more evident in 1999, when the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act paved the way for a more competitive environment.

Today, our software can be found on the screens of institutions nationwide, from an independent broker-dealer needing help with data entry, to a $1 trillion regional bank relying on our system to pay its reps using complicated pay scales. EAI has become a trusted partner in our clients’ business — and with the continued development of new tools and platforms, our goal is to continue our partnerships for years to come.

Management Team

Matt Essieh

President, Chief Executive Officer

Since founding EAI in 1989, Matt has worked with global financial institutions, lending his leadership and expertise in the areas of strategy and service for technology management. EAI's reputation for excellence in its products and services is a direct result of Matt's vision and commitment to the values of honesty, leadership, integrity and responsiveness to customers.

DJ Byun

Vice President of Operations

DJ keeps EAI at the forefront of the technology innovation curve, always seeking to improve process efficiencies and workflow for our customers. His background in Computer Science and business acumen combine to create a unique skillset that drives our operations.

Kurt Heise

Director of Implementations

Kurt is on the front line for customer satisfaction at EAI. He is involved in the implementation process for nearly every new client, and is committed to striving for a better experience and quality of result each time.

Associations and Partners

We are a member of several industry associations, and we partner with multiple investment companies and clearing firms — and the list grows regularly. If you see a company not listed here, contact us — we might be working with them soon.

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