Advisor Compensation

Reward and retain top producers with an individualized, automated system that speeds processing, builds trust, and reduces errors.


Create compensation structures to meet your unique needs — no matter how complex.
Accurately and quickly track, monitor, and review commissions, payouts, and fees.
View and reconcile commissions, performance, and more through customizable reports.

Software individually tailored to view, manage, track, and reconcile your revenue accurately and quickly — no more spreadsheets.

At EAI, we understand that commission miscalculations can cause misunderstandings, erode confidence, and deflate the morale of your advisors, especially top producers. We also know first-hand how much of a headache it can be managing spreadsheets for commissions, bonuses, payouts, taxes and other details.

Using EAI’s Commissions Management software, everyone — you, your reps and regulators — can have fast and secure access to accurate commission information, no matter how complex your process may be.

Whether you set commissions by a fixed percentage, calculate tiered rates by value, manage deferred or fee-based payouts, or trigger bonuses based on multiple sets of products and vendors, EAI’s Compensation Management technology will reconcile and report results quickly and accurately. 

Have more than one hierarchy in your organization? We can configure that, too. If it works for your bottom line, it’ll work in our software.

Enjoy the ease of detailed and comprehensive commissions statements and reports, precalculated commissions and fees, automatic payouts, and updated earnings files for tax time.

Our products work with any data source, including proprietary. We also partner with a broad variety of clearing houses and investment providers, including National Financial Services, Pershing, DTCC, LPL,DAZL, FINRA WebCRD and many more.

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Advisor Compensation - Product Information Sheet (PDF)



  • Determine advisor commissions — no matter how complicated.
  • Create and monitor incentive plans.
  • Adjust structures for trailers, overrides, bonuses, splits, ticket charges, chargebacks, or any other factor.
  • Create payout grids at the rep, branch, or institution level.
  • Track annuity, security, and life insurance processing for firm programs.


  • Calculate commissions and fees.
  • Send payouts by deferred statement, check, or EFT.
  • Track expected revenue.
  • Perform automatic or manual reconciliation.
  • Easily correct commission errors.
  • Update earnings files for 1099s.
  • Distribute commissions to other entities.


  • View daily sales blotters that summarize GDC and transaction details.
  • Compare expected commissions against vendor statements.
  • Prepare commission reports for payroll.
  • Monitor group reconciliation and group variance tracking of expected vs. paid commissions.
  • Report pending commissions.


"EAI has reduced the time it takes to process payroll and generate commission reports from one week to one to two days."

Chief Financial Officer of a midsized, regional bank
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